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April 04, 2007


I LOVE your soldered charms. It's so addictive. What wonderful eye candy. And your calendar, to die for!! I'm gonna have to do one of those. Beautiful. I'm so glad to have found your blog.

So often I will see something in a store, and think, I can make that. Invariably, when I actually go to do it, it comes out with my very own look to it. So it may have started out as a decorated cigar box, let's say......but in the end it is my own creation. I guess there is a fine line there though. ANyhoo, I love your calendar, and I loooove your soldered charms!!!

Jen you are always inspired and original, as you point out none of us really invent the wheel, we just make our interpretation of a wheel. There's nothing new under the sun.

Love the soldered charms and that cookie sheet calendars is fab - just as well you're keeping it for yourself this time, it's too pretty to part with.

Be still my heart!!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING. The calendar...perfection. No one can make them like you. I adore the way you used the CC stamps too!!! Of course they are some of my favs!!! The soldered charms. MAGNIFIQUE!!! Honestly they are SO COOL!!! I love all the flowers and rhinestones and can not wait to see them with vintage millinery flowers inside. AND that is PURE GENIUS with the bales!!! Attaching a jump ring IS truly the hardest part to making them. Will you be putting these on your website for sale??? I'm thinking I need a "B"!!!

and kudos to your swap partner for such a FANTASTIC job on the pin cushions!


Very very cool stuff you got goin' on here Jen.

I especially love that you are stamping too! I really love the new Catherine Moore stamps. The chair looks just right here. Fabulous.

Thank you for your post!!! My friend and I often comment on the fact that people have been creating these crafts (and variations of) for years! How can you "copyright" a cookie sheet or a granny square!?! I thought that was the point of blogs and share and encourage creativity! (BTW...I do think there is a difference between copying something outright for one's own profit vs one's own personal enjoyment.) Thanks Jen-I love your blog!!!

Wow I love the calender, and the little soldered tiles. Super cool. Love the bales, I actually thought that was the front till I really read the entry. Very nice.

Oh and I got the fabric, bought the last that the Super Joanns had, 5 3/4 yards. I'm on the hunt. Its wonderful.

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