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March 28, 2007


I just found you. REALLY glad I did too. Beautiful kitchen, soooo good looking.

Cherry Menlove

Aha! I just found your blog and was reading back a bit when I spied my dishes! Those are so fabulous I almost died right on the spot when I spotted 'em at the store. (And if they're not the same ones then they're dead ringers!) That little nook is adorable. :)

I am SO WITH YOU on the Sanjaya thing. It is just WRONG that he is still on AI. If he manages to win, or even get much higher I think I will just stop watching. Melinda just HAS to win, although even if she doesn't win, I think she will get a record deal...she is just AWESOME. OK, now to the quilt...LOVE IT. Kitchen...LOVE IT!! Apron...LOVE IT!!! Are you sensing a theme here? Oh, and you have one of those UBER-COOL dressforms!!! I want one. Don't know why, but I do. The jewelry looks FANTASTIC on the cards!!! I see a few mighty interesting pieces. Too bad I live so far away. Sounds like the antique sale could be loads of fun. Can't wait to see the soldering. And CONGRATS to John on his sales!!! Looking forward to hearing about a new studio for you!!!

I love the quilt. I really do love all your sewing so I'm sure you're not surprised by my comment. lol.

That's a pretty apron---a bit sexier that most. lol.

Sanjaya is killing me.

Wow those are great photos.. I love the fabric too! And the apron...darling!

Ohhh my gooodnesss!!! So so so so cute!! Everything!! I am just loving your super sweet kitchen to bits!! So so lovely! Why can't you live next door? We could have a crafting and cucpakes party!! Loving the apron sooo much too!! My oh my!!

and the vintage bling...yowser!!

And really..your blanket is just the sweetest thing ever!! Love it!!

I will post your kitchen pic on Flickr for you!! : )

xoxo Jenny

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