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February 28, 2007


I love the way you turned that not so attractive display unto something fabulous!!! Love it! And congrats on quitting smoking!!!

Congrats Jen~ I bet it has been a very tough road- way to go!
Love the display and all the goodies you are cranking out!
My Gidget does that and we call her "rabbit girl" w/ her little bunny paws LOL

congratulations wonderful for you that you haven't smoked for a year! You should be proud. And, I love the display rack that you altered. How wonderful. It's beautiful. Love the papers and all that you used...couldn't be a better fit for your darling cards. Love the little button flowers. And, I'm liking the "new" boxes you finished. I like the way that you did these tops. Great!!!!! :)

I am soooooo glad you quit and damn proud of your strong will that got you to this point.

Your cards and boxes look super cute.

Jen, CONGRATS on your anniversary!!! What a great accomplishment. And think, not only are you healthier, but you have more money to spend on craft supplies!!! I ADORE the card holder. It is TRULY INCREDIBLE and only adds to the gorgeous cards you put in there. The boxes are WONDERFUL too!! So, what glue did you decide was the best for them? I love all the wonderful eye-candy! Oh, and Mia is such a cutie!!! What a pose!!! he he he

Well, I would like to just send a heartfelt congrats to you on a year! I am so proud of you! You look younger, smell prettier, and are so much healthier now because you quit! YAY! Love the pic of Mia, she cracks me up. Caleb must not be in the same room at this point?! Have a great day, and congrats again! I want you to be around as long as I am and this is the way to go! Love you.


great job on quitting smoking!!! it'll be 3 years in may since i have had my beloved marlboro light 100's, yuck!!!! i'm with you. who knows why all of a sudden it clicks, and we finally stop. i won't question it. i'm thankful it was sooner, rather than later.
love all the goodies you've been cookin up, great little boxes!! thanks for sharing.

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