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February 25, 2007


Good grief that was a lot of typing!
ok- so this is my favorite quilt of yours...
IMO you should do the rest yourself! I think you should add a 4" wide black border around the edges to tie it all together- save it for your next grandbaby!
Your kitchen will be so adorable! Fun!

No!! Don't let the blog go! How will your long-distance girlfriends catch up on life at your place? Just a thought :)

Love the coffee cups, and that quilt is fantastic!!! How cute is that squirrel??!! Oh I SO love the kitchen. That writing is INCREDIBLE! WOW! Did you do that by hand? I hate to see it go. Too bad you can't find a way to send it my way! Looking forward to seeing all the changes you make in your kitchen!

That is the cutest little quilt! So darling.

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