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January 02, 2007


LOL Jen, I took my DD to Starbucks thismorning after soccer practice and saw the big sign for 'Cinnamon Dolce Latte' - thought of you ...

give the bag a couple leaves and call it a day. Or cut it out and stitch it to a new piece of canvas. Let the flower be rough on the edges and worn looking.
9 points......oh boy! I still want one!!

I think that whatever you do, it will turn out WONDERFUL!!! Can't wait to see the finished creation!

A bag out of this would be really nice. Or you could stretch it over a canvas and make it into a wall art piece.

I think a bag would be don't need the stem or leaves. The trim on the top is a must though. Would be the beginning of a striking quilt too, if it wasn't on canvas. I like the trim of ric rac in the flowers center too. :)

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