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December 26, 2006


well, when we get back from FL life is gonna change. i'm achin in my hips and ankles and i'm a few years younger. lordy. the thought of weight loss makes me tired.

good luck--i know you can do it.

Ditto with Christa said, and I agree with Tina's comments about the shoes!!! Best of luck on achieving your goals!!!

Jen- you are pretty no matter what your weight.
I am so happy that you quit smoking- that alone is a HUGE accomplishment...good luck on your new challenge....

LOL Jen, Tina beat me to it - before you weigh in you have take off the shoes, your clothes, your earrings ... make sure your hair isn't wet, breath out ...
Good luck in your quest - I know you can achieve anything you put your mind to. I put the brakes on a little earlier this year, and it's working pretty well - just takes an attitude adjustment and increased awareness.

well for goodness sakes...i really just got off the scale myself and thought "what happened here?" laziness on my part is what happened here. *sigh* i have also attended WW before but i know I can do this myself since I lost 50lbs. after Joshua was born and then 30 after Caleb. thanks for the post, it was motivating. i will begin today.

silly jen, take off the shoes! Everyone knows shoes weigh at least 40 pounds, heck- i've got big feet and I'm sure my shoes weigh at least 100 pounds.

I am going back on WW too, DH and I have been bad- I would type my list of excuses here...but you know how that is- I lie to myself, I'm just lazy. Oh well, nothing to do but keep my chins up and get back on the wagon ;) Great news on you being smoke-free though!

yet another thing we have in common. i started WW in sept, and have lost almost 15 lbs. i weigh just a few lbs more than you now do, 170. i too agree, growing old gracefully is all i'm asking of my self. i'm won't be 50 until 2014, but fungure i am too young to let myself go!! so jen, you can do this, we both can. it's work, but we are worth it!! rock on girlfriend!! those pictures are a real eye opener!!

Hi Jen,

I'm one of those that has become "okay" with it and accepted it after all of these years. Been this way since I was a kid. Tried everything... I won't go on.

I WISH YOU ALL OF THE COURAGE AND STRENGTH YOU CAN MUSTER. It's not about luck. If you want it bad enough, you will do it. Be logical about calories, carbs and protein, and exercise. It should happen slowly, so you don't gain it back. And WATER, WATER, WATER.

Take care, Kim.

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