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October 24, 2006


Oh lord, the "I'm going to make these and sell a million of them" syndrome. I thought it was just ME!!!!! Thank you, separated twin.

WOOF! These are fabulous Jen, what doggie wouldn't want to parade around on the end of a leash like this?? So cute - you should look up some hottie pet boutiques in Beverly Hills and Hollywood - they would pay a fortune for these (seriously!).

Oh my, these are ADORABLE!!! I think these will sell really well!!!

Peter would absolutely kill me if I put one of these on our dog..She is a female rottey, Harley is her name...I brought home a pink collar once and he about had a heart attack! She is a girl, but these definately wouldnt' fly...I love them, though! A girl can dream! Kerilou

Hi Jen,

You did a fabulous job on these leashes and thanks so much for your kind mention of me. I've seen lots of people doing them since I Posted the tutorial so I am thrilled. I may be posting them on the blog here before long.

So happy to inspire you!!


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