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November 25, 2008


I love the look of Roman Shades but most pictures I've seen are on tall narrow windows. I was wondering if they would also work on short wide windows.

I really love the look of roman blinds, and those green ones that you installed into your bedroom really compliment the color scheme. I've been thinking about installing some into my own home for some time now, but I wasn't sure how expensive it would be, or how difficult. You make it look so easy, and it really isn't too expensive to install them myself. I'll have to find a good material that fits well with my bedroom, and then try it out for myself.

Can I use a vinyl shade to line my fabric and make a roman shade?

is it ok to leave a 1/2 in on eith side of the shade of an inside mount (as long as the windoe itself is covered)?

I love your tutorial! Thank you so much; I am afraid to tackle a broken Roman shade in the guest bath, but thanks to your tutorial will try it. Could you post the pattern and/or manufacturer of your material? I love it.

PLEASE answer question about Long Roman Shades. My shade length will be 82" and I wondered if you figured out a formula for ring placement to make that many folds look good.
Hi Jan- I will give you three tips that come to mind and you do the calculations from there.
1) Don't make the space between the top two rings less than 3" (see my pic in the blog post)
2) You don't have to do rings clear to the top, as folds clear to the top would look silly, in my opinion. So I'd say at least the top 24 inches of fabric should have no rings. (see in my same sample pic..rings don't go to the top)
3) Calculate just a 1/2 inch between folds instead of a full inch. That right there will give you a lot more folds (twice as many, to be exact).

I believe my instructions plus these tips will lead you to success. :) Good luck!

I'm inspired! Question: At what point do the 2 cords become one cord as shown when wrapped on the cleat?

You could sew on the rings using the zig zag stitch on your machine! That's faster. Just watch your settings so you don't break the needle.

I live in a tropical island. How do I make these shades with a removable back lining to wash since we keep our windows open all the time? Thanks

Thank you for the great description! I just finished making a set from your tutorial and they look great. One adjustment I made was leaving out one brass ring at the bottom on one end of the blind and found that I could insert the metal bar with a little manoeuvring without having to cut into my nice seam. Once I got the metal bar inserted, then I sewed on the last ring. Of course, I inserted the bar before putting the wooden piece along the top.
Thanks again!

Hello, I just read saw how you made you roman shades and I am sp excited to make mine!!! I just redid my daughters room and it was going to cost me an insane amount of money to do 4 windows. My only question for you is how do you get them to stay in the window I didn't fully understand that in your discription.

Thank you,

This was such a huge help. The best step by step I've read yet, and I've read many.
Thank you!

Obrigada. VI imensos vídeos e o seu é perfeito. Muito obrigada.

Just wondering if there is a more efficient way to sew on the brass rings? It seemed like the majority of my time was spent doing that. I suppose gluing wouldn't work since you have to go through the lining and the fabric. That said, your tutorial is wonderful! I've made two shades for my daughters room, need one more and now I'm tackling the master bedroom windows. I'm also going to try adding a cordlock that I found on Amazon.

any suggestions for the pleating (spacing of rings) on windows that are 75 inches long in an old Victorian. I have made roman shades before and have sewn the pleats in so that there are pleats when the shade is down. I think for so large a window that perhaps it would look better to have pleats only when shades are up. So when you do the ring spacing do you have suggestions. Also good call on the brass rings. Might as well not run into the problem of them becoming brittle

Hi Jen

I'm about to start a blind building project and love your post. Only thing I'm still not sure about it how you actually attach the blind to the window frame - are they screwed directly into the wood?

Hope you have a moment to respond

Thanks again


No, I'm sorry I haven't ever taken them down to wash. I'm more likely to just replace them because they get sun faded or I get bored after a few years :-)

Thanks for this lovely Roman Blind steps. I live on a farm and it could get realy dusty.I just want to know when your blinds are done and hanging, how do you wash it?
Do you have any advice for me???

Thanks so much for sharing this. I actually really like the look of these blinds. They also seem to keep light out a lot better. I should definitely install some.

Thank you so much for your tutorial Jen. I am in Australia and have bought a new home with heaps of windows including two bay windows ... 6 glass panels right there. I made a 'test' roman blind this morning for the house we are selling and am now confident to make roman blinds for the new house. After that I just may take the money I saved on a holiday with my husband! :)

amei o tutorial,adorei,vou tentar fazer.

I just had to leave a comment here to let you know that this tutorial is still very much appreciated! I live in an old home and all the window coverings are shot. I was looking at the cost to cover all these large old windows with roman shades and wow I would be paying over $600 and thats not including the smaller windows! I hope to get this started in the next week and have some amazing roman shades thanks to you! I just wanted to know where you picked up the piece of wood? Thank you again for this tutorial!

I don't use rods because they are not necessary. Because I like the soft drape look better than a bundle of rods, and because it would be a whole LOT more work trying to be that precise in measurements. (I think "because they aren't necessary" is actually answer enough ;-) )

I also would love to know why you do not use dowling rods and just use the rings. Please explain your thinking

Thankyou so much for your informative and truly excellent instructions. I am an old sewer who needs to get back into home making. We have just downsized to single level living and I have lots of projects buzzing around my head. Your lined Roman Blind is top of the list when I get my sewing machine out of Storage.

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